Data Archiving

Are the Macs in your company stopping you from adopting a data archiving system? ...

ArchiveConnect is the answer!.

Learn how ArchiveConnect can unlock the benefits of file archiving including:

- Up to a 80% reduction in hardware storage costs
- Simplified administration and management through reductions in both the time and cost of performing file backups
- Increased user productivity through fast, self-service access to archived files

To gain the above benefits in a mixed Mac and Windows environment you need ArchiveConnect. Hereís why:

Many of the Macís advanced usability features, such as file previewing, Quick Look and Cover Flow all trigger mass recalls of archived files. These recalls put tremendous strain on both file servers and file archiving systems while leaving many more files online than were intended. This makes it nearly impossible to achieve the benefits offered by file archiving in a Macintosh environment. ArchiveConnect solves this problem with a light-weight Mac client that ensures that the Macís advanced usability features do not adversely affect archived files and cause unnecessary file recalls.

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